A sink garbage disposal unit makes it fast and easy to clean up your food waste. To get years of faithful service from your sink garbage disposer, you need to treat it with respect:

• Use cold water when you grind food (hot water can melt fats and clog the mechanism and pipes)
• Never overfill your garbage disposal
• Don’t put abrasive fluids like bleach, drain cleaners, or other chemicals down the unit
• Avoid putting the following into your garbage disposal: coffee grounds, overly fibrous materials (like artichokes or corn husks), glass, metal, or rubber
• Be sure to run water before and after using your garbage disposal
• Remember, disposals use both water and electricity. If you need help troubleshooting a problem with your garbage disposal, play it safe and call Clogman plumbing for service.
Here’s a simple way to clean your garbage disposal. Fill it with ice cubes and a cup of rock salt, and run it for five seconds. You can also deodorize your garbage disposal by running warm water while grinding a lemon.